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oh_guess_what's Journal

Oh, Guess What?!
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Just about every day I find something somewhere that I'd really love to share with other people, whether it's funny, sad, touching, interesting or.... whatever. Here is where you can share those nifty things. What sorts of nifty things, you may ask?

Some ideas:
1. I hear they are making a new movie about....
2. ________ is being released in 2007!
3. Have you ever heard of this indy band, they're awesome!
4. Did you hear the news about....
5. I watched this video on YouTube and nearly peed!

You get the idea... All entries will be filed in community memories for future reference.

Community Rules:

My One Rule: Be nice. No flaming whatsoever. Not every post will interest every member. If you are not interested in someone's Oh Guess What!? post, then don't read, or at least don't post some negative comment. Flamers will be skewered, drawn, quartered, planked and eaten by sharks.

Okay.. a second rule: No pornography or sites involving 'indecency'. If you have to ask, don't post.

When you post to the community, use a subject that will make it easy to categorize. ie. Movie-Pirates of the Carribean 3, Funny Video-Found this on YouTube, etc.